Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween at Martial Arts Moms' House...

Our family and friends REALLY get into Halloween. We decorate our yard elaborately, (I'll post those photos tomorrow.) The adults dress up and scare the older kids, along with a few adults. (See our friend Bubba in photos below. I, the resident Master Makeup Artist, outdid myself this year. His entire head was silver with black accents and an "eye" in the back of his head where he has this particularly weird "knob" of skin. Again, see photos below).

Bubba - The Front View - Make Up by Martial Arts Mom

Bubba - The Top View - Cool Gothic Cross

Bubba - The Eye In the Back of His Head

The fortune teller below is me - the red eyes not contacts but because my daughter got a bit close with the flash, but the effect is pretty cool anyway.) I was a bit down on myself for being a blonde gypsy but a friend paid me a high compliment and said I looked like Nancy Wilson of Heart. Don't I wish???

We block off our street on the Halloweens which fall on weekends and make a sort of block party of it, serve free chili & its counterparts at our house, chicken wings acros the street, coffee and hot choclate.
But anyway, we went to get our pumpkin the other night and settled on a HUGE one - like a 40 lb one. My 11 yo son "Buddy" wanted to carve Ray Mysterio's mask into it but a really cool "ghoul" design template was included in the carving kit and he agreed to that instead. Well, because our pumpkin was so huge, the template was too small. So, using the template, I freehanded it larger onto our mass of orange pulp.

Well, Hubby carved it, we lit it and went out to the street to see how it looked from the street, Buddy yelled, "It looks like obama!" Now here's where my political views become perfectly clear. I groaned, "Oh, shit!" I decided that I'm going to make a flourescent sign that will sit right next to the jack-o-lantern that says, "Now THIS is REALLY Scary!" Unfortunately, the photo turned out too blurry to post.

Am I the only one who finds irony in the fact we were carving a "ghoul" and it looks like obama?

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