Friday, October 9, 2009

Are Hooter's Hot Wings Really THAT Good?

Seriously - I really want to know. Are the hot wings at Hooter's really THAT good?
Or are they just average, with the main attraction being the Hooter's girls who serve those hot wings?
I think I know the answer.
My husband and I have been debating this for years. I've never been there but of course, he has. I have always resisted going there because:
1. I don't really care for hot wings in general, and
2. Even though my "hooters" would stand up to any of the Hooter's girls', any woman who has even a shred of an inferiority complex would be intimidated by those young, perky waitresses. (Okay, maybe "stand up" is not the most accurate term here, but gimme a good push up bra and it becomes applicable! I know TMI.)
Hubby and I have had many lively debates regarding this, always prompted by a commercial on the radio, a billboard, or passing by one of the restaurants. He insists that their chicken wings are great. He has recently added that they have great burgers to his argument. (He knows I love me a good burger.) I maintain their food is probably okay, but that guys just want to oogle the Hooter's girls and that is the main draw to Hooter's. I have prodded, "Okay, if the wings are so great, I'll go get "to go" and bring them home to eat...Will they be just as good then?" Hubby giggles and doesn't really have a defense for that one.
Whatever the case, I have resigned myself to being a "Hooter's Girl" for the day. More just to fuel the fun we have debating this issue than anything else, I got a copykat recipe for Hooter's hot wings and dipping sauce from the internet and am going to attempt to make them tonight for dinner. I won't be wearing a Hooter's tshirt or short shorts. I'll probably be wearing jeans and nice low v-neck tshirt (complete with my best push up bra!) so he'll get some of the effect anyway! Hey, you have to work with what you got...Let's just say that I NEVER wear turtlenecks!
I'll let you know if his argument for the awesome Hooter's wings stands up in Martial Arts Mom's court...

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