Wednesday, April 8, 2009

GI - Thou Art Loosed!

Back when I first started this blog, I did a post about how my gi was just a bit snug across my tummy.

Well, since I've been on the "divorce diet" for about 3 months, I am, well, not happy to report, but am reporting that I have lost quite a bit of weight and my gi pants not only are not snug, but they are baggy! I can actually perform kicks comfortably in my gi pants now! One of the very, very few advantages to divorce.

My gi top has also become a bit too large for me except in one area. (And if you don't know of which body part I speak, you need to reference yet another of my early posts - "Bend it Like Dolly - or Don't Let the Boobs Get You Down" I would always prefer clothing to be a bit too large on me than too small, but this is getting ridiculous - the extra material in my gi top is actually distracting me in class. I am going to have to break down and buy a size smaller. (You women out there will appreciate how satisfying it is to say those words, let alone verify them in print!)
All in all, as I said, I'd rather not be going through this horrible divorce that I don't want (and I think HE doens't want either but pride will not allow him to admit) and I'd much rather not be going through it and be FAT and HAPPY.


Becky said...

I gained weight after my divorce, because all I could eat for the first month was ding dongs and chocolate pop tarts.

Martial Arts Mom said...

I have lost almost all interest in food. And the funny thing - I never was a huge chocolate fan but now I can't even smell it without it making me sick. I just can't even stand chocolate anymore. But as I said, I'd rather be fat and happy.

Michele said...


I gave you an award. You will have to stop by my blog and pick it up.


Sarah said...

Yayt for you, even if it wasn't for the best of reasons!
I've lost a great deal of weight since I started karate and my gis are ill fitting, but I'm almost afraid to get the next lowest size - what if its too tight? Besides, I have half a dozen gis, so I mix it up - they each fit differently.
I'm so glad to find another martial arts blogger!
Oh, and you may have noticed that, instead of fearing the crotch might rip, you're afraid you might fall when you do kicks because the crotch is now halfway down to your knees and you don't have the time to hike them up. Hahaha.