Thursday, August 13, 2009

You Can Go Home Again...

Well, tonight is the last night of karate class for this session. I have not participated in one class this 10 week session, save for the night I helped assist the "Karate Kids" class due to a shortage of instructors that night. As I explained a few posts ago, I've had a lot on my plate for the past 7 months. Emotional, mental and physical stress and plenty of all of them! I signed up for this past session, and made sure my son came to all of the classes, but just couldn't get my own motivation up enough to "just do it" despite the fact that my martial arts school is another family to me and I love them dearly and respect them very much. When I bow into the dojo, I feel like I have come home.
But is it true what they say - "You can go home again"?

Once a session ends, our school takes one week off and then resumes the following Thursday night. Next week is our night off, with the new session beginning on August 27th. I am anxious...both in a good way and in a nervous way. In one sense, I am excited to get back to martial arts and learning again, but in another, I've been away so long, I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to keep up physically.

So, my idea is that during the two weeks before I go back, I will practice. And then practice some more. I am not as worried about the basics - the kicks, punches, stances, stuff like that. It's the kata on which I need to focus. As a yellow belt who wants to earn her orange before the end of the year, I know 6 katas. I know 3 of them well, 3 of them I did know fairly well, but think I need to really apply myself with them in the next two weeks.

But you know what I'm most apprehensive about? It's the workout we do before class. It can get pretty intense sometimes - even when I was in the greatest physical/mental/emotional shape in which I had been in years (before my self-imposed break). How am I going to get through those first few workouts before I start getting back to where I was? I guess that is something else I will really have to concentrate on during the weeks leading up to August 27th. I mean, last year the class right before 4th of July, we did 3 sets of deep-knee bends or knee-deep bends if you prefer. The first two sets of 10 were just your textbook deep-knee bends. The last set of 10, we popped up in the air from the bent position. It was tough actually doing them that night, but it was even tougher walking for the next 3 days! Seriously, I can't remember ever being that sore in my entire life - even counting after giving birth!! And sometimes the "Ab-Master" (aka: our female Sensei) mixes it up as a "guest workout leader" and tortures us with yoga aimed specifically at strengthening the abs. I think about these tougher exercises and really worry I will be out of breath by the count of 2 repetitions!
I took my son to class and I got something I needed...reaffirmation. The instructor who teaches our intermediate and above kids asked me tonight if when we come back in 2 weeks if I'd be willing to help with the kids' class so the yellow belts can continue to move ahead. I am very flattered and it was just what my ego needed today. I am even more determined to work hard during these two weeks so I can even better help the kids.j
So, all in all, I guess I'm worrying for nothing. If I work hard at getting used to working out again (I never stopped entirely but have taken it down a notch.) I will be fine. I will get back into the swing of things. I will once again be learning myself from teaching.
I choose to believe that "Yes, you CAN go home again."


Anonymous said...

Hi, M.A.M. of course you can! Go home again with a new self - confidence

Martial Arts Mom said...

Yes - that is my outlook too. I am very excited again. Of course, the fact that my life is becoming more stable again probably has much to do with that too! Thanks for reading & commenting!

Diver Daisy said...

I agree!!!! :)

Perpetual Beginner said...

For hard workouts, you just do what you can and eventually you acclimate. Getting a head start is always good, though.

I'm so happy for you that your life is shaking back into place after that flip upside-down.