Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sargeant MAM - Cracking the Whip!

Well, did not get to do the other 3 katas last night (the Pal-Gwe ones). My excuse - my son wanted me to sew some pillows for his bed.
Sidebar: I know - off topic, but I had a really neat idea the other day when I was at my local thrift store and saw 4, like-new t-shirts of the wrestlers my son is obsessed with as of late. BUT, the shirts were about 2 sizes too small. But they were like new, the very "in" guys right now and only 99 cents each! (and they even matched each other in style.) So, I had this brilliant idea to buy the shirts, turn them inside out, sew straight up the arms, straigt across right below the neck opening, stuff a throw pillow in each and sew it closed. Well, I got the little throw pillows there too, and each pillow ended up costing me only $2 and I saw very similar ones at Wal-Mart for like $15 each. My son says I'm a genius. (And, of course, I would like to be able to agree with him...lol) Okay, back on track...
Anyway, I will have to do my Pal-Gwe 1,2 & 3 katas today. (After all, an artist has to follow through with the vision, don't they? LOL!)
Okay, so if you didn't get to your katas yesterday, I'm going to be the drill sargeant I'm supposed to be here at bootcamp and crack the whip and tell you, "Do your kata today!" Because it'll be child's play compared to tomorrow's task...(Got your curiosity peaked now, don't I?)


Diver Daisy said...

Great idea! "The child speaks the truth." :)

Martial Arts Mom said...

Oh, you're too sweet, DD. I did get to my last 3 katas yesterday. Going to continue with them today and move on to the first 5 kumites - I have to know them on both sides for my orange belt test (which is not - and should not be - anytime soon.)