Tuesday, August 19, 2008

MAM Stars in "Breaking Training"

I've mentioned how my school is based out of a local community center. In doing so, our format allows for 1 week breaks between sessions. This week is our current hiatus from formal training before the next session starts.

I unfortunately had to miss the last class of this session (last Thursday) due to illness. There was just no way to work through this one. I just felt awful, so technically, it will be a full two weeks between formal training for me. And I sure do miss the comraderie of my fellow students.

Just to give you a little background, long story short, I'm an only child and both my parents are in poor health. My mom, who is a dialysis patient to begin with, fell and broke her arm about 2 weeks ago and she is in a rehab center where they are helping to get her so she is able to get by with just one arm while the broken one heals. My dad helps me a lot by taking "Buddy" (my 10 yo son) to school for me since my hubby and I are at work. But he has a beater for a truck and can't afford something more reliable, and he has all kinds of serious health problems including a defibrillator implanted in his chest for his heart. That all worries me on his behalf. My hubby and I make decent money and we don't spend on any extras. We don't have expensive cars or a house, nothing like that, yet with gas prices and increased taxes, and health insurance costs, we are barely scraping by. Couple all this with the just normal stress of having a family, and it's no wonder I don't feel very good, huh?) But back to the subject at hand…

I have meant to practice the past few days since the last class I attended, but with all the stress I'm going through right now, I'm just not feeling all that great lately. The sick stomach feeling coupled with what I'm sure are stress headaches has really made it difficult to get myself moving without a formal class. I still do my practicing in the bathrooms at work and every so often I'll be walking down the hallway at home and launch into a jumping front snap kick. (But only with my right leg…still haven't gotten comfortable with the left yet.) But the substantial chunks of time spent sweating and really pushing myself have been pretty non-existent lately and I need to get back into that. Actually, I would probably end up feeling better if I did as it would release some of the stress and tension.

My other goal is to motivate my 10 year old son, who took a session long break this summer so he could go with my hubby to watch him play softball (hubby, not son). I want to work with him between now and when we go back on August 28th to remind him of where he was and refresh the kumites and kata in his mind. I think two girls passed by him and got their yellow belts this past session while he was out on his little break. I know it is not about the belt, but am still hoping that this might motivate him to apply himself a bit more this time around.

Just writing this post about it has made me want to get moving. I wish I was at home right now so I could act upon that surge of energy. So, tonight, by the light of the moon, I will be on the back patio doing my basics with my son. In refreshing his muscle memory, I will be doing the same for myself.


Julie said...

Hey there girlfriend! Where ya been? My inbox has been empty the last couple days :( Maybe it was my turn to write?

I hope you are feeling better by the time you read this. And I so wish I lived near you so I could practice by the moonlight!

As far as practicing when you don't really feel like it - just remember "black belt attitude". Say it like a mantra. Hear your instructor saying it over and over in your ear. Then scream "shut up" and get out there and do some katas (I'm assuming they are like what we in tkd call forms?). Do them slow, almost like yoga moves, if that is all you can muster.

And girlfriend, don't beat yourself up if you end up taking a break now and then. We tell our students that taking a 'breather' for a week now and then is actually healthy. It's easy to get burned out in martial arts just as it is with anything else.

Now, we have to catch up with emails cause I met the CUTEST guy on eHarmony...... :P

Martial Arts Mom said...

Oh, I know everything you said is true. I will go out by the light of the moon tonight. Had a great job interview today so I'm feeling a little better. Will e-mail you the details tomorrow. Thanks for the pep talk!

Julie said...

AAAAAHHHHHH! That's me screaming in shear joy for your great interview! Yes, email me and tell me, tell me, tell me. I just sent you a LONG honking email a few minutes ago! Ttyl.