Monday, July 28, 2008

Quest for Balance - 2nd update

Well, I've been practicing the 4 Corner Balance drills recommended by Coach Sonnon for a little over a week now. I still cannot hold these positions for 10-15 minutes at one stretch, but I've made my own modification that works for me - I hold them as long as I can at different times throughout the day. Practiced them in the pool last weekend - now that was a challenge! But I think it really helped accelerate my improvement. In execution of these exercises, I no longer look as if I'm on a pogo stick anyway! Just to measure a little of my improvement, the other morning, I was brushing my teeth and doing my hair and I balanced in a high knee chambering as if I were going to do a front snap kick or side kick and I held it there for quite some time without even wavering - all while carrying out my morning routines. And in class the other night, I did some back kicks, similar to the last position in the balance drills, so I saw some improvement there. I also did some roundhouse kicks - a low and then a high without rechambering and I was able to do it without losing my balance. This is a marked improvement for me. So, that's where I'm at one week in...anyone else have any progress to report yet?


Perpetual Beginner said...

Excellent. I was practicing in the lake while we were at the family reunion - adding waves and currents to the equation certainly livened things up!

Too soon to be certain yet, but I think I'm getting more solid.

Martial Arts Mom said...

I think I am, too...except when I'm in class. I just don't know what it is. I think it has to do with focus and my peripheral vision. My friends all say they are going to get me blinders for when I bowl because my peripheral vision is so strong. (I'm not kidding - I actually went looking for bowling blinders - nothing. I cannot believe other people who bowl don't have the problem when a bowler 6 lanes down approaches the same time as them, they screw up. LOL It's really that bad - or I guess I should say really that good (my peripheral vision that is.)